Federal Judge Blasts Texas Foster Care System; Paxton Tries to Block Injunction

Last month a federal judge ordered Texas to clean up its foster care system. U.S. District Judge Janis Jack’s findings were scathing. She said that children in Texas’s long-term foster care have been subjected to “years of abuse [and] neglect.” She added that they had been systemically denied their civil rights,reports The Texas Tribune. In response, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has appealed the reforms ordered by the federal judge.

Abbott should call a special session to fix foster care

Finding that foster children are “shuttled through a system where rape, abuse, psychotropic medication, and instability are the norm,” a federal court recently ruled that Texans are violating the constitutional rights of our foster children by subjecting them to an unreasonable risk of harm. Gov. Abbott should boldly call a special legislative session to reform foster care and protect these children.

Unconstitutional Detentions by Medical Doctors.  Are your rights at risk?

In true public-health emergency situations, state public-health authorities can quarantine and isolate individuals in order to prevent the spread of communicable and dangerous diseases and infections; these are public-health officials who issue the declarations, not doctors and nurses. There is substantial constitutional authority cited by state and federal governments in support of this power.1