Why we must all insist on an investigation of mind-altering psychotropic drugs

Suicide and Mass Violence

By Lee Spiller, Executive Director Citizens Commissions on Human Rights Texas

In the wake of the recent spate of mass shootings, there’s a story you probably missed. It’s about a potential mass shooting that never happened. It was thwarted by a grandmother. (It’s important to note that the defendant has only been accused, not convicted)
The case illustrates why more mental health treatment is the wrong answer to curbing violence.

On Friday, the US Justice Department issued a press release about the arrest of a young man accused of making false representations to a gun dealer while purchasing an AK-47. It also credited a grandmother for thwarting a potential mass shooting.
What’s particularly disturbing is that when federal officials went to his hotel room to recover the firearms, they also found a bag with documents related to his history of depression, along with antidepressant drugs.

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