Not What I signed Up For

Imagine being trapped in a strange place, full of strangers. Imagine wanting to leave and being told you can’t go home. Imagine you went there willingly. Unfortunately, that’s a story told repeatedly by people who say they went voluntarily for inpatient psychiatric treatment, but when they decided it wasn’t working for them, they were held against their will.

Below is a news story from WFAA in Dallas where patients and families say that’s exactly what happened to them. Though this story is from November 2017, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights continues to hear from patients who say they went for care, even emergency room care, only to be held against their will.


Many seek help at psychiatric facilities, but what do you do when the help goes wrong? For example: being seriously hurt during a restraint that was not carried out correctly; receiving medications against your will or without informed consent, sometimes with serious side effects; experiencing unsanitary or unsafe conditions.

Information is lacking on inpatient psychiatric facilities. Texas doesn’t even make routine inspection reports public. Negative online reviews can be hard to believe but, with no other source of information and no other alternatives, some may find themselves not receiving care they were expecting. Accurate and timely information is even more important when there is a risk of infection with a contagious and deadly new virus. Texans should not be asked to make such important decisions with inadequate information.

Has this happened to you or a loved one? Have you or a loved one been held against their will at a psychiatric facility? Do you know of a psychiatric facility that is not carrying out safety protocols for infectious diseases?

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