You can support the fight for human rights in the field of mental health by doing any of the following:

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You can let the online community know what you think about CCHR’s work by subscribing to our Weekly E-News, commenting on articles that you feel are important and taking action on our call-to-action e-mail alerts. To receive our weekly e-mails, call 800-572-2905 or locally at 512-428-9840 or  contact us here.


If you would like to support CCHR TX by volunteering, contact us today online or by phone at 800-572-2905 or locally  at 512-428-9840.

Report Abuse

You can report mental health human rights abuse using the form located on the right side of this website, or call us at 800-572-2905 or locally at 512-428-9840.


CCHR TX is a 501 (c)(3) organization that depends upon supporters’ donations. Call CCHR TX at 800-572-2905 or locally at 512-428-9840 to donate.

Contact Your Legislator

If you find out about legislation that jeopardizes your mental health rights, you can take action by contacting your State Representative. Tell them how you feel about mental health issues in legislation so that you’re voice is being heard and let them know how to represent you. Learn how to contact your State Representative.