Texas foster care deaths addressed in house committee | KXAN.com

AUSTIN (KXAN) — More than a dozen Texas children have died in foster care in the past two years. A string of deaths in Central Texas helped highlight the lack of oversight and accountability the state has in protecting children. A bill by Representative Cindy Burkett, R-Sunnyvale, hopes to raise the standards of care. The House Committee on Human Services will hear HB 781 Monday.

KHN: Children in Foster Care Missing Checkups | The Texas Tribune

Nearly a third of children in foster care have missed required medical checkups, according to a Health and Human Services Department Office of the Inspector General report. The report looked at Texas as well as California, Illinois and New York, and found that 12 percent missed initial checkups and another 7 percent missed required periodic medical assessments.

Emails reveal how agency grappled with doctor abuse case, aftermath

Dr. Charles Fischer, a well-regarded doctor with a seemingly unblemished 20-year career at the psychiatric hospital, had been under investigation for more than five months by the Department of Family and Protective Services over accusations that he abused patients in his care. Now the agency’s report was in: Investigators believed that Fischer had sexually abused two teen boys at Austin State Hospital.

Psychiatric Drugs Side Effects

Common and well-documented side effects of psychiatric drugs include mania, psychosis, hallucinations, depersonalization, suicidal ideation, heart attack, stroke and sudden death.  And that is a very partial list of the side effects documented by international drug regulatory agencies the world over.