School Mental Health – Know Your Rights!

Due to Texas legislation passed this year, our school system is undergoing a change. With threat assessment teams and an increased focus on school mental health, parents need to be prepared for intrusive questions, attempts to get them to consent to mental health screening and mental health referrals for their children. Parents with school-aged children need to know their rights.

What Led to the ‘Broken’ Foster Care System in Texas

Early into his tenure as governor, Greg Abbott said he was committed to overhauling the state’s struggling Department of Family and Protective Services, which oversees the foster care system. He was particularly focused on reducing child deaths as a result of abuse and neglect. From 2010 to 2014, 144 children died despite the fact that CPS was investigating claims of abuse in those cases. Back in 2015, Abbott’s office committed an extra $40 million to child welfare services.

“Beat on me,” foster care chief tells lawmakers. And they do. 

The man Gov. Greg Abbott has put in charge of fixing Texas’ dysfunctional foster care system told state legislators on Wednesday he’d gladly take the brunt of their anger if it meant they’d give him more money to catch up on a backlog of 2,844 at-risk children awaiting the agency’s assistance.

Texas not checking on thousands of kids at risk for abuse

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Texas is still failing to check on thousands of children who are the highest risk for abuse or neglect in the latest sign of trouble for an understaffed child protection agency that Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has pledged to overhaul, according to state data released Tuesday.